Architectural illumination

Energy efficiency and the maximum creative freedom.


We need light in our city; to reduce those dark areas that together degrade our urban areas, to feel safer and prevent crime, to embellish and help us feel proud of the historical monuments we own. Public lighting is not merely a succession of lighting points. It is a major constituent of urban policy, nowadays public lighting is a complex and many facetted domain.

We musn't illuminate more, but better.

son et lumieres in egitto

Design light, integrate new digital technology, find solutions capable of facing the new challenges of energy efficiency, intervene in supporting public and private administrations to find new solutions, unite the attention given to energy efficiency with maximum creativity and potential that Led Rgb light allows, this is the objective of Son et Lumière.

In each of its projects, we exploits the remarkable potential of urban lighting projects to provide economic.

Son et Lumière preserves and creates the use and image of the City. It marks the identity of the projects. We offer new urban furniture and new lighting systems.

son et lumieres ad ambois