Arts and Technology


Son et Lumière® it's an international events production company specialising in new technologies for events and cultural assets projects.
Key projects included events at historical sites such as Borghese Gallery Museum (Rome), Pompeii (Naples), St. Angel Castle (Rome), Palazzo Venezia (Rome), Palazzo Ducale (Lucca) and the Balì Museum Interactive Science Center (Pesaro).
The Borghese Gallery Visual Show is studied as a cultural marketing event example.
The event had national press coverage, increased revenue on ticket sales by 15% and changed the image of the museum. The project pioneered new technology and spread knowledge of the history of the Borghese Gallery to a younger audience.
- Interactive itinerary for Multimedia Rooms, creating virtual tours with artworks located remotely using new web-based technologies;
- Sound and Lights Visual Show using special software in conjunction with sensors (proximity, pressure,heat, and contact);
- Applications for downloading data with RFID technology to mobile phone, iPhone or similar devices;
- Augmented reality technology applied to mobile phone, iPhone or similar devices;
- Planning and display access portals for cultural tourist circuits;
- Creation of digital archives: The digital archive can be composed of movies, a text a database, metadata repository, a 3-D reconstruction;
- Production of audiovisuals: The 3D model of the scene acquired by the scanner was used to produce a 3D animation in HD with Autodesk post production programs (e.g 3D Maya).



Son et Lumière Project Manager, Ms Serena Ferrari, as an expert in the field of new technologies in historical sites has been invited twice to attend the national convention of Digital Technologies in Cultural Assets that takes place in Lucca every year.

"A new approach at the production of cultural heritage virtual tour". Lu.Be.C. Digital Technology Conference. Lucca 2008. Delivered presentation about "augmented reality", a new technology that could be used to display virtual tours.

"International Light Festivals. Fête de Lumières in Lyon. An interesting case history".Lu.Be.C. Digital Technology Conference. Lucca 2009.
Serena Ferrari delivered presentation demonstrated how a public event can become part of the heritage of a city.
The light festival features 100 light and sound installations, large video projection which incorporates the entire city and attracts 4 million tourists.
Focused on the history of the festival that has been running for 25 years+ and explained how partnerships between private companies and public administration worked to ensured the continuity that has made a public event part of the city heritage.



The team

The atelier of Son et Lumière is a melting pot of creative collaborators who project towards the future specialized in the study of new digital techniques: a combination of multimedia artists, light designers, architect, scriptwriters, visual designers, actors and sound designers, in particular the use of Led illumination to combine the maximum of creative freedom with energy efficiency.

Project Manager:

Ms. Serena Ferrari

Partner for domotic projects:

Lamberto Marchesin, Ribes Evolution. Turin

Creative Director:

Mr. Paolo Areni.

Graphic Designers:

Mr. Paolo Areni. Mr. Marco Foschiani.

Scan Laser images for 3D video projection:

Enea, Dept. of ArtVisLab Mr. Massimiliano Guarneri

3D animation production and post production :

Computer Graphic Applied. Chico Univ.CSU CA.USA

Graphic Animation and director:

Luca Fornaciari

Light designers:

Ms. Jale Safir Nafas, Serena Ferrari

Collaboration with I.C.O.N. studio (Paris) Lisa Akari Ishii

Multmedia experts:

Alessandro Tondello, Mirco De Mori

Contact : Serena Ferrari
info mob. +44 7842428923

Address: Via Leonina 43, 00184 Rome, Italy





Son et Lumière® is a member of a prestigious International network LUCI Association, Light Urban Community International based in Lyon, France. www.luciassociation.org

The association reunites over 60 members, in 54 cities in four continents, associations in the category, professionals, light designers, illuminating technical companies and artists.

The objective of the Network is:

- Promote the utilization of lights as instruments for the harmonious development of the city.

- Revaluation of the urban identity through the artistic use of new technology.

- Promote research on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

The association besides calling meetings in different international cities, meets annually for the Fête de Lumières the 8th of December at Lione (France).