Led illumination & domotic software system

* to work with the maximum freedom on creative aspects for the best rendering of the scenography.

* the reduction of the temperature of the environment.

* the scalability and compatibility with other technologies, audio and video digital signals, consolle luci e media server.

* thanks to the characteristics of "cold" light that doesn't interfere or endanger the nocturnal process of clorophyl in plants and one can use it freely in the illumination of green areas or in sensitive environments such as museums, art and antique shows.

* the functioning at a low voltage and so a higher safety level.

* the possiblity to manage and check systems from remote station.


Besides, due to the low energy consumption and the long duration energy consumption is drastically reduced. For example a red Led uses 15 watts instead of 150 watts used by a conventional lamp.

Led is 10 times more efficient than a incandescent lamp and twice more than a fluorescent one. The duration in time of the Led light is 100 thousand hours, that corresponds to 10 years of use in comparison to 1.000 hours of a incandescent lamp.

The decrease of light pollution is estimated at about 80 %, thanks to the improved optical lense applicated to the Led that allows to optimize the luminous flux only where needed.


Through a appropriate domotic software system building automation the architectural Led illumination becomes an important instrument for the control of energy consumption and an element of a really true production of the main systems.

The research on the possibility of Led illumination are in continuous evolution, soon we will see on the market solutions capable of interfacing the luminous source with photovoltaic surfaces.