Son et Lumiere

Digital & Immersive

Digital transformation

Event technology is no longer just a trend. It is a vital pillar of designing, planning, and executing events. Since 2005, Son et Lumiere has pioneered the integration of digital technologies into event design. We combine a strong understanding of the event planning and execution process with a deep utilisation of event technology, storytelling techniques, and social media marketing.

Who we are

Son et Lumiere is a group of freelance digital technology experts who share a passion for technology and the digital arts. Each one is specialised in a specific technology area and together we can build and implement tech solutions for trade exhibitions, conferences, roadshows, tourism, retails, museums, and more.

Our approach

Our approach is based on an initial assessment of the event objectives and an analysis of the audience in order to establish the technology and data needed. We then work in collaboration with the client to integrate the digital experience into the design and marketing strategy. Finally, we analyse the performance data derived from each technology platform and translate the analytics into manageable takeaways,


What we provide

  • A seamless virtual event planning experience
  • Clear budget and support throughout the entire event
  • Experts of digital technology
  • On-call technical support
  • Post-event report and data analysis